Suicide Prevention Doors

Providing privacy for patients and peace of mind for healthcare staff.

Saving countless lives in behavioral health facilities worldwide

An innovator in the healthcare industry, Kennon developed the soft suicide prevention door (SSPD) in 2009. Our en suite ligature-resistant doors have revolutionized safety standards in healthcare, significantly impacting countless lives.

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Did You Know?


New York State Office of Mental Health Guide (NYS-OMH) & certified NFPA-286 fire safety rating.


Our lightweight, flexible, and water-resistant doors are virtually indestructible.

Easy Install

The doors install in seconds, attached with magnets that detach with minimal pressure.

Made In USA

Proudly made in Sheridan, Wyoming, Kennon Products embody quality craftsmanship and support local industry.

Custom Doors & Artwork

Kennon Door 2.0 - New

The virtually indestructible Kennon Door 2.0 is the leading ligature-resistant en suite door for behavioral health centers. With no ligature anchor points, the magnetic installation takes seconds but provides lasting life-saving benefits.

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Kennon Original SSPD

In conjunction with the Veterans Administration, Kennon created the original soft-sided suicide prevention door in 2009. The anti-suicide door attaches with magnets and detaches with minimal pressure.

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Kennon SSPA art

Kennon’s Soft Suicide Prevention Art (SSPA) is a safe and easy way to incorporate nature into patient recovery rooms, improving the environment for patients and staff alike without the danger of ligature points.

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About Kennon

The team at Kennon Healthcare has decades of experience in the industry, and includes material scientists, a manufacturing team, and chemical, industrial, and mechanical engineers.

In 2009, in conjunction with the US Veterans Administration, Kennon developed the original Soft Suicide Prevention Door. That ligature-resistant door has been installed more than 20,000 times, providing behavioral health patients with safety and privacy in their bathrooms and shower stalls.

In 2021, Kennon launched the redesigned Kennon Door 2.0. Thinner, lighter, safer, and more attractive, the new door is virtually indestructable, hiding powerful magnets in military-grade hinges. Our rigorously tested door allows patients to maintain privacy while decreasing the risk of sentinel events.