Suicide Prevention Doors

Providing privacy for patients and peace of mind for healthcare staff.


Kennon’s Soft Suicide Prevention Artwork (SSPA) strategically integrates natural elements to transform sterile environments into therapeutic spaces. Incorporating artwork is a fast, economical, and easily implemented strategy for enhancing the visual appeal of patient rooms and common areas. Kennon’s SSPA provides stunning, high definition images printed on a material similar to our original SSPD, ideal for fostering an environment conducive to healing and well-being.

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Design & Easy Install

The art uses a foam core and an easy-to-clean cover that magnetically attaches to flush-mount steel plates that you install on your wall. The result is an anti-ligature way to bring the outside into your facility beautifully.

Soft Suicide Prevention Artwork (SSPA), contains magnets sewn into a rear, tamper-resistant pocket. This allows it to be easily mounted to most walls and surfaces via stainless steel plates (available for purchase) and tamper-resistant hardware (provided by the facility). It comes in many sizes up to 42” x 70.”

Image Gallery

Customize your Kennon Door 2.0, Original SSPD, and Kennon art with your own high-resolution image, or choose from the exclusive Kennon Image Gallery – a complementary collection of professional, high-resolution photos that have been demonstrated to print flawlessly on our material, enhancing the aesthetic of your facility.

Which Door Is Right For You?

Ligature-Resistant Design

Breakaway Hinge

Magnetic Closure

Help Maintain Patient Privacy and Dignity

Customizable Graphics / Colors to Suit Any Decor

Durable and Waterproof

Integrated Notch for Use as a "Door Handle"

NFPA-286 and ASTM E84 Class A Fire Certification

Artwork printed on both sides without additional cost

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