Suicide Prevention Doors

Providing privacy for patients and peace of mind for healthcare staff.


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The ligature-resistant Kennon Door 2.0 and our original SSPD prevent the use of interior doors or shower curtains as anchor points. The magnetic hinges allow for a functional door that holds up well to regular use but breaks away from the frame when minimal pressure is applied, greatly limiting the potential for self-harm. Though no product is fail-safe, Kennon Door 2.0 and Kennon SSPD provide the safest available solution while still maintaining the privacy and dignity of the patient.

The brand new Kennon Door 2.0 and the Kennon SSPD can be used to replace interior doors, shower curtains, and stall doors. However, it cannot replace a locked door.

Facilities that could benefit from the use of Kennon Door solutions include behavior health centers, mental health facilities, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, youth centers, and assisted living centers.

Patients enjoy the modern look of Kennon Doors and appreciate the privacy they provide. Additionally, patients embrace the opportunity for personalization, and look forward to swapping out the doors periodically for a change of scenery.

Installation is easy and often no assembly or tools are required.

If you’re installing onto a hollow metal frame doorway, the magnets will automatically attach. A 12″ gap between the floor and the bottom of the door is recommended.

If your doorway isn’t metal, we offer magnetic attachment plates that easily install with tamperproof screws.

Many health facilities – especially acute units – often lack artwork due to safety concerns, resulting in a lack of visual stimulation. Kennon products offer sizeable, aesthetically pleasing options to safely foster a calming environment.

Most patients and staff are highly receptive to the addition of artwork in their space. To allow for maximum comfort and convenience, artwork can easily be replaced with a different scene or solid color, or removed.

  • Allows for patient privacy without compromising staff access.
  • Lightweight design minimizes risk of harm if mishandled.
  • Ideal for use in acute units due to lack of anchor points or other safety hazards.
  • The Kennon Door 2.0 is NFPA 286 certified, meaning it meets all of the modern fire safety requirements for in-room doors.

Which Door Is Right For You?

Ligature-Resistant Design

Breakaway Hinge

Magnetic Closure

Help Maintain Patient Privacy and Dignity

Customizable Graphics / Colors to Suit Any Decor

Durable and Waterproof

Integrated Notch for Use as A "Door Handle"

NFPA-286 and ASTM E84 Class A Fire Certification

Artwork printed on both sides without additional cost